US rights groups accuse Egypt of abusing its UNHRC voting rights

A report committed to assessing the 12th through 14th sessions of the UNHRC, Freedom House described Egypt as an "authoritarian regime" which continued to bring political pressure to bear on

Protest Over Honoree’s Remarks about Muslims

A recent article posted by Editor Martin Peretz in The New Republic in response to a poll taken on a proposed Muslim community centre near ground zero has received angry

Egypt: Security forces arrest 5 MB leaders from Sharqeya

State security forces in Sharqeya arrested 5 Muslim Brotherhood leaders after the Friday prayers today.

MB offshoot in Jordan meets with Prime Minister

Jordan’s Prime Minister Samir Rifai is expected to meet with leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front on Saturday to discuss numerous issues.

The Group: Band of outsiders

No other recent TV drama has courted the mammoth controversy that met Wahid Hamed’s “Al-Gama’a” (The Group).

Sayyid Qutb, man of his era

During the Second World War, Sayyid Qutb commuted to his government job in central Cairo on a train that ran north from his home in the suburb of Helwan.

Muslim Networks and Movements in Western Europe

Over the past two decades, the number of Muslims living in Western Europe has steadily grown, rising from less than 10 million in 1990 to approximately 17 million in 2010.

Forget ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, It’s the Great Sharia Conspiracy

- A new report denouncing the threat to the U.S. from sharia, or Islamic law, marks the latest development in a summer filled with intensifying attacks on Islam in the

The Wrong Threat

The misnamed "Ground-Zero Mosque" debate continues with verbal religious attacks from all sides. Responding to claims that Political Islam is the new communism, Zachary Karabell offers a pre-9/11 American view