Xenophobia and Islamophobia in the USA

Xenophobia is a fear or contempt of that which is foreign or unknown, especially of strangers or foreign people. It includes hatred of persons belonging to a different race, or

Jordan’s PM urges MB offshoot to reverse decision to boycott Fall polls

Jordan's Prime Minister Samir Rifai called on the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, the Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan to reverse its decision to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Center for Security Policy’s Sharia Report a Threat to USA Ethics?

The 177 page report which is titled Sharia: The Threat to America by the Centre for Security Policy has been unsurprisingly backed by a group who has called themselves Team

Gamal Mubarak and the Discord in Egypt’s Ruling Elite

Whether Gamal Mubarak will be the ruling National Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate in the 2011 presidential election is one of the most discussed questions in Egypt today.

New Syrian Brotherhood Leader: Continuity or Change?

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s recent selection of a new General Guide is generating speculation about the group’s trajectory after a period in which it gave up most opposition activities.

Watch: As Israel Slides Toward Fascism, Citizens and Supporters Swear Their Loyalty

Swearing a loyalty oath to Israel as an ethnic state is gaining legitimacy; a video produced by the authors shows the willingness of Israeli residents to pledge allegiance.

Israeli Beauty Products Company Ahava Complicit in the Sins of Occupation

Ahava is owned by entities deeply involved in Israel's settlement project in the occupied West Bank. Activists are fighting to show it can't hide its dirty side.

Dr. Morsy: MB remains undecided on Elections

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mohamed Morsy, stated that the movement has not yet reached a final decision on whether or not it would participate in the upcoming

Could Egypt’s election lead to a dynastic succession?

Doubts have been raised about Egypt's 82-year-old president's health and whether he will be fit enough to stand for re-election in 2011. Various factions might hope to step into any

“The Brotherhood”: a Controversial Egyptian Television Series

Few Arabic television series have led to such controversy as the Egyptian series "The Brotherhood." It deals with the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and tells the story of the