Israel makes meeting another Arab a crime

A vague security offence of “contact with a foreign agent” is being used by Israel’s secret police, the Shin Bet, to lock up Arab political activists in Israel without evidence

Egyptian Opposition Announces Boycott of Upcoming Parliamentary Election

In an interview with Voice of America News, Shadi Hamid discusses the recent announcement of Egypt's al-Ghad Party to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections.

Egypt: Mohamed Oda latest victim of Police abductions

State security forces in Ismailia abducted its latest victim on June 18 and his family has since been searching for him.

An Election Dilemma for Egypt’s Opposition:To Boycott or Not?

All opponents of Egypt's decades-old authoritarian government know that the country's elections are a sham of democracy, but they're divided on how to respond to November's parliamentary elections.

The keys to defusing tensions between America and Muslims

There have been many reports on television, many statements by politicians, and many articles, columns and letters in newspapers regarding the location of the proposed Islamic Center in Manhattan near

Right under the Dome

Prime Minister Samir Rifai’s agenda this week has been full of meetings with representatives of political parties and media organisations to discuss issues of concern to Jordanians.