Empty Promises: Obama takes his Middle East peace plan to the UN

President Obama's General Assembly speech called on the international community to mobilize behind the U.S.-led "peace process." He called on the Palestinians to "reconcile with a secure Israel" and waxed

What if Peace Talks “Succeed?”

Many commentators expect the direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians to fail. But there is a much worse scenario: What if they "succeed?"

Obama speaks at the UN… Goodbye to peace

Alan Hart argues that US President Barack Obama’s speech at the United Nations demonstrates beyond doubt that he is not interested in a just solution of the Palestine-Israel conflict and

What Ahmadinejad Isn’t Telling Us

When President Ahmadinejad announced, before the United Nations that most people in the world believe that the U.S. government was involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks,

Palestinian fisherman killed by Israeli occupation navy in Gaza

A Palestinian fisherman was shot dead Friday morning by the Israeli occupation navy off the shores of the Shati' refugee camp to the West of Gaza city according to Palestinian

Palestinian baby killed due to inhaling teargas

A Palestinian child died at hospital on Friday evening as a result of teargas inhalation in the northern Jerusalem suburb of Eisaweyyah.

IAEA votes down Arab arms resolution against Israel

Member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rejected by a small margin a resolution tabled by Arab nations calling on Israel to undersign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a

The abuse of plurality

What good is a free media when the preferred recourse is to demagoguery, asks Amr Hamzawy*

Soon enough

A court ruling due within 48 hours may help lawyers oust their syndicate council, Mona El-Nahhas explains

Waiting for the Brothers

The Muslim Brotherhood may be readying itself to contest November's parliamentary elections but it has yet to announce its intentions.