El-Baradei rebuffed

Opposition parties reject ex-IAEA chief Mohamed El-Baradei's calls to boycott November's parliamentary elections.

Undying legacy

Hoda Abdel-Nasser has an admission to make about the politics of her father, Gamal Abdel-Nasser who died 40 years ago this week.

Egypt: 5 MB leaders arrested ahead of parliamentary nominations

In a renewed wave of state repression, security forces raided the house of Muslim Brotherhood leader Ihab Turk arresting him and 4 other MB members who were at his home

US report reveals Americans want administration to leave Middle East alone

A recent survey in the US revealed that the majority of American people did not oppose the idea of any fundamentalist Islamic group assuming power in any Middle East Muslim

Egyptians denounce security forces’ assault on activists opposing inheritance of power

The Popular Campaign to Support the Nomination of ElBaradei and the Demands of Change, has condemned the violent means used by the state security apparatus against a protest which included