Jewish Boat to Gaza boarded by Israeli forces and taken toward Ashdod port

The Irene, a boat carrying nine passengers and aid for Gaza's population has been taken over by the Israeli navy and denied access to Gaza.

Egyptian Minister: Egypt’s democracy is theoretical

Moufid Shehab Minister of State for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs dismissed allegations of fraud and rigging in Egypt 's elections.

Government Ministers and officials face lawsuit for torture of citizen

State security officials continue to abuse the 'emergency law' torturing citizens and confiscating their belongings while detaining them indefinitely.

MB and NAC to continue Anti-power inheritance protests

Assistant Secretary-General of the MB parliamentary bloc and a member of the National Association for Change Mohamed Al-Beltagy has stressed that the Brothers and the National Association for Change have

University guards assault campaigners ahead of student elections

The University students' body election scheduled to take place in a few weeks. Normally the elections are rigged in favour of the pro-government students and security bodies.

MB students re-activate page on Facebook

Muslim Brotherhood students in Egypt announced the re-activating of their Facebook group established for communicating, interacting, explaining the approach of the MB, and responding to rumours.

Shari’ah Compliance in America

The next 80 years are the subject of an astute analysis and global forecast by John Hillen of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hebrew media: Army used violence against Jews on aid ship to Gaza

The Israeli military used “unjustifiable violence” against Jewish activists on board the Irene humanitarian ship while en route to defy the imposed siege on the Gaza Strip.

Zionist settlers storm Aqsa plaza

Groups of Zionist settlers entered the holy Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday and roamed its plazas under police escort, guards of the holy site said.

Israeli forces storm homes, detain youngsters in Silwan

Israeli police and border police forces launched a large-scale break and search campaign in Silwan town, occupied Jerusalem, at dawn Wednesday, eyewitnesses reported.