Reaping terror’s reward: get in there first – that’s the secret

Stuart Littlewood looks at how modern terrorism was in fact pioneered by the Zionists and how Israeli and the US behaviours fit the US definition of terrorism like a glove.

Israel’s reasoning against peace: deal comes at high cost to Jewish privilege

Jonathan Cook considers the forces ranged against a just peace for the Palestinians, arguing that these forces include not just the squatters that inhabit the ever-expanding colonies in the West

Truth will set the US free: breaking Israel’s stranglehold over American foreign policy

Maidhc ? Cathail argues that it is vital for the American public to understand that unconditional support for Israel is doing incalculable damage to the US national interest and that,

Overcoming AIPAC is not enough

Lawrence Davidson outlines a strategy for unshackling the United States from Israel, based on melding the liberation of the US from AIPAC with the revival of American national interests in

Norway bans testing of Israeli submarines in its waters

Norway will no longer allow Israeli submarines to use one of its naval bases after imposing a ban on exporting military equipment and services to Israel, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper

Palestinians in W. Bank ridicule Obama’s guarantees

The Letter of Guarantees sent by US President Barack Obama to Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu in exchange for extending settlement construction freeze has drawn widespread mockery among Palestinian citizens in

Occupation bulldozes lands in the village of Takku

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli occupation bulldozers started on Friday morning to bulldoze Palestinian lands close to a Jewish settlement built on confiscated Palestinian land belonging to the village of Takku.

Egypt’s new political dawn

The emergence of Mohamed ElBaradei as a political player has led Egyptians to dream of a more democratic society.

Islamist Female Runs for Election against Party’s Boycott

Abdul Nasser Zou'bi - In a first announcement independent of the Muslim Brotherhood movement and its political wing, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), a female Jordanian lawyer, Siham Bani Mustafa,

FBI targets US Palestine activists

Searches, subpoenas, but no charges for anti-war activists 'providing support to terrorists' in Colombia and Palestine.