Fears of rigging in students’ body election ahead of parliamentary elections

Dr. Ahmed Diab, Secretary General of the MB parliamentary bloc, asserted that "universities in Egypt have become a tool used by state security authorities to persecute students affiliated with the

Gaza-bound convoy from Jordan lands in Syria

A humanitarian aid convoy from Jordan landed noon Monday in Syria and is scheduled to join the European Lifeline 5 convoy, which arrived in the country two days back, before

Youtube clip shows Israeli soldiers dancing around detained Palestinian woman

A video posted on Youtube shows a number of Israeli soldiers taking turns dancing around a bound and blindfolded Palestinian women and forcing her to face a wall.

Wafd Party: Opposition will not be silenced

MP Mohamed Shordy and Al-Wafd party spokesman warned that thugs are being recruited by the ruling party to stir violence during the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for November.

MB Chairman: Change and reform require sacrifices

Dr. Mohamed Badie, MB Chairman, called on the Muslim nation to unite against the enemies who are plotting against it. He stressed that Islam is capable of facing injustices and

MB and NAC’s online petition 7 demands for change, approaches 1, 000,000 signatures target

The number of signatures collected by the Muslim Brotherhood's online campaign "Seven demands for reform," launched by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie and adopted by Egypt's Opposition political powers, has so

Three MB leaders convicted in military court released, el Shater and Malek remain

In an unforeseen gesture security services releasedMuslim Brotherhood political detainees after serving three quarters of their unjust and harsh prison sentences on the grounds that they financed a banned organization.

Human rights condemns the terrorizing of opposition students in Egypt

Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and anti- Discrimination, expressed its concerns over the arbitrary measures performed by some Egyptian Universities against the opposition students who try to voice their opinions

How the Wafd Party let us down

I write this article not as the leader of an opposition party but as an Egyptian citizen concerned about my country’s affairs and as a researcher who has studied Egypt’s

Suspensions and interrogations of MB students mark the start of new academic year

Fourteen supporters from the Muslim Brotherhood group were suspended from universities in Banha, Kafr al-Sheikh, and Helwan after they were found distributing leaflets and postinFourteen supporters from the Muslim Brotherhood