What Obama Hasn’t Changed About the Mid East Peace Process

Forgive my cynicism, but you will not see me holding my breath in anticipation of a comprehensive and just conclusion to the Arab-Israeli conflict, not this time around, not even

Egyptian Democracy Doesn’t Need Gamal Mubarak

In a recent article for the Foreign Policy Middle East Channel, Tarek Masoud makes the provocative claim that a rigged succession from President Hosni Mubarak to his son Gamal may


On a clear day you can see Akka, Palestine from my favorite Lebanese village, Maron al Ras, where more than a few analysts here conjecture that the next and 6th

Qiresh Family Eviction: 1948 Ethnic Cleansing Continues [must see]

Tala Qiresh, the little Palestinian girl in the pictures, and her family have been evicted from their home in Old Jerusalem and despite the lawyer's intervention, the soldiers refuse them

Al-Qaeda’s suspect humanitarianism

Is bin Laden’s concern for flood victims a ruse to destabilize Pakistan?

The coming Cairo autumn

Political openings in Egypt over the last 30 years have come in waves. Swelling and then retreating, they have had little permanence.

Islamic movements: the Jammat-e-Islami in India – an interview with Ejaz Ahmed Aslam

Ejaz Ahmed Aslam was born in Bangalore (Southern India) in 1943. He obtained an MA in English Literature from Bihar University.

Reductive arguments

Against a backdrop defined by social violence, sectarian tensions, conflict and the spectre of regional warfare, discussions of democracy, human rights, plurality and civic freedoms frequently descend into laments over

Recognition of Israel as Jewish state poses existential threat to Israeli Arabs

Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, has insisted from the launch of the current peace talks that the Palestinians set no preconditions, while making his own precondition the centrepiece of negotiations.

350 units under construction after settlement freeze ended

A report published by the Haaretz daily said Israeli settlers began construction on 350 new settlement units in several settlements throughout the occupied West Bank since the end of the