MB to announce stance on 2010 parliamentary elections during press conference

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and Executive Bureau member for the Muslim Brotherhood group announced that the MB will declare its position regarding the upcoming parliamentary elections during a press

Is Gamal Mubarak the best hope for Egyptian democracy?

Egypt's opposition forces and Western advocates of democracy promotion all seem to agree on one thing: Gamal Mubarak should not be allowed to succeed his father Hosni Mubarak as President

Egypt contemplates a greener agenda in the political arena

Egypt has witnessed the establishment in 1990 of The Green Party of Egypt, ‘Hizb al-Khodr’ by the Papyrus Institute’s founder in Egypt, the late Hassan Ragab highlighting that priority given

Obama’s cave-in to Israel: letter suggests US not honest broker

Jonathan Cook considers the significance of a leaked letter from US President Barack Obama to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu which undermines Obama’s claim to be an honest broker and

Sunni scholars commend Khomeini’s decree

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah 'Ali Khomeini issued a new fatwa on October 2 forbidding the defamation of the Prophet Muhammad's wife, or any other historic figurehead sacred to the Sunni