Arab regime credibility hanging by its last invisible thread

Alan Hart views the state of Arab impotence in the face of Israel and the Zionist-lobby-controlled US, arguing that if the Arabs were serious and united, the mere threat of

Negotiating An Evaporating Palestine

The United States-brokered peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas are in suspended animation.

Reaping what you sow: how US policies breed terror

Paul J. Balles argues that rather than blame the reactions of "extremists" on Islam, Americans ought to look at their own unjust and murderous policies in the Middle East and

Breaking news: Security forces ransack Islamist bookstores arresting owners

Security forces in the Damietta governorate raid Islamist bookstores arresting a number of workers and employees.

Opposition trends condemn MB arrests

National political opposition in the Daqahleya governorate denounced the unjust arbitrary arrest of 10 Muslim Brotherhood members hours after the group’s chairman announced it would take part in the elections.

Jordan: MB offshoot members released without charge

35 members mainly students, of the Muslim brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front in Jordan were released by police after being detained following their call to boycott next month's parliamentary

Updated : 10 MB arrests in Daqahleya after announcing participation in elections

Arbitrary arrests began early dawn shortly after the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie confirmed that the group would partake in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Zionist settlers damage olive trees using chemicals

RAMALLAH, --Zionist settlers destroyed tens of fruitful olive trees in Al-Mughir town, northeast of Ramallah, on Friday after spraying them with a chemical material.

Washington to arm Israel with 20 stealth planes

WASHINGTON, -- Israel and U.S. representatives signed in the Israeli Consulate in New York Thursday night an arms deal under which Israel will buy 20 F-35 fighter planes (stealth) from

Zionist settlers attack farmers during olive harvesting

RAMALLAH, -- Zionist settlers attacked Palestinian farmers in Burin village, south of Nablus, on Saturday morning while harvesting olives, local sources reported.