‘Participate, not contest’

The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to participate in, rather than boycott, November's parliamentary elections added a dash of spice to the otherwise insipid political climate.

A plethora of candidates

The outlines of the parliamentary elections, scheduled at the end of next November, began to take shape this week.

Participation revived

In the 30 years since the revival of political party politics in the mid-1970s, each round of parliamentary elections invariably produced a new dynamic out of the interplay between political

Critics say new text-messaging rules target pre-election political opposition

The Ministry of Communications this week announced new restrictions pertaining to the use of text messaging for the dissemination of cellphone news alerts.

Security crackdown escalates closing down businesses and detaining MB leaders

In another violation of the constitution and the law, state security engaged in a ransacking frenzy this time in Alexandria.

Does Egypt Need International Election Observers?

International observers are for newly independent states without the institutions needed to run elections--unlike Egypt--according to Moqbel Shaker, Vice Chairman of Egypt’s National Human Rights Commission.