Security forces abduct MB leaders in broad daylight

Security forces in Kafr El Sheik abducted two prominent MB leaders in broad daylight today. They were taken to an unknown destination hours after prosecution issued release orders to 5

Q&A with head of Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc

Mohamed Saad al-Katabny, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, told Al-Masry Al-Youm his organization will continue to use the slogan “Islam is the Solution” during the November parliamentary elections.

Palestinian Authority Traitors Serving Israel

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' duplicitous treachery exposes him as an enemy, not ally, of his people.

President Mubarak sets November 28 for parliamentary elections

According to official sources, the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has set Sunday November 28 for the country’s parliamentary elections. Run-offs are scheduled for December 5.

Escalating measures against MB members in Egypt’s governorates

Security services in Qena released 2 Muslim Brotherhood detainees after the Criminal Court in Qena ordered their release.

Dr Linda Norgrove – victim of the UK’s Afghanistan policy

Dr Linda Norgrove was a Scottish development fieldworker of incredible bravery and philosophical sophistication who was working in Afghanistan on crop and land management issues.

Zionist settlers burn olive fields, run over a youth

Zionist settlers ran over a Palestinian youth and burnt Palestinian olive fields in Bethlehem villages on Tuesday, local sources reported.

Major rabbi says non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews

A major Jewish religious figure in Israel has likened non-Jews to donkeys and beasts of burden, saying the main reason for their very existence is to serve Jews.

Lifeline 5 to leave this evening for Al-Arish seaport

The fifth aid convoy Lifeline for Gaza will leave Tuesday evening for the Egyptian seaport of Al-Arish after a delay in its departure due to financial problems with the cargo

Hundreds of settlers storm Nablus, Bethlehem to perform Talmudic rituals

Hundreds of Zionist fanatic settlers stormed the cities of Nablus and Bethlehem at dawn Tuesday to perform Talmudic rituals under protection of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF).