State run and independent papers highlight election news

Concerns over the 2010 election’s transparency has not only divided the Egyptian political scene into boycotting and participating parties but has also contributed to fueling internal rifts within opposition parties

MB Candidate, Wafaa Mashhour on Facebook and Twitter

The Muslim Brotherhood’s female candidate for Asuit for the upcoming parliamentary elections Wafaa Mashhour has launched a page on Facebook and Twitter to engage in daily dialogue with residents of

Former US President calls for International monitoring of elections

Former US President Jimmy Carter currently visiting Egypt called on the Egyptian government to allow international monitoring of the Parliamentary elections scheduled to be held on November 28, 2010.

Egypt: Interior Minister announces November 3 for candidates’ applications

Interior Minister Habeeb El Adly has announced that applications for candidacy in Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections will be effective from Wednesday November 3 through to Sunday November 7 with 5

Israel’s Longstanding Middle East Plan

In 1982, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs senior advisor Oded Yinon published a revealing document for regional conquest and dominance. Still relevant today, it's titled "A Strategy for Israel in

Israel’s Right Needs Perpetual War

In the right's view, Negotiations on partitioning the land are an existential danger because they recognize the Palestinians' equal rights, and thereby undermine the Jews' unique status in Eretz Israel.

MB in Giza to field 10 candidates including one female

The Muslim Brotherhood Administrative office in Giza has announced the names of the candidates fielded in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled late November.