Jewistan: Finally Recognizing Israel as the Jewish State

Israel’s Likudnik Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached into his bag of Zionist tricks and pulled out a brand-new demand that had never surfaced before in the history of the Middle

MB Political Detainee Denied Medical Attention Despite Court Orders

The family of political detainee, Dr. Zakariya Saleem, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University and prominent MB leader, called for his immediate release on health grounds. They criticized

Shia Group Holds Nearly Half the Seats in Round One of Bahrain Elections

Bahrain's first round of elections held on Saturday has resulted in Bahrain's main Shia opposition group securing 18 out of 40 seats in the country's parliamentary elections in what was

Egypt 2010: The Other Way to Monitor Elections

The Egyptian government recently issued a series of control measures that serve to further restrict freedoms of expression prior to parliamentary elections in November, reports Asharq Alawsat.

Jordan’s Parliamentary Elections and the Islamist Boycott

Despite efforts by Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai to dissuade the Muslim Brotherhood from its decision to boycott the November 9 parliamentary elections, the Brotherhood has held its ground, with

Michael Moore: If Only NPR Had Fired Juan Williams for the Right Reasons

Moore asks Williams, 'What do you think when you see rich, middle-aged white men talking on TV about how they get nervous around African Americans on the street?'

Candidate who Shot Iraqis Brags about Gun Skills

A North Carolina Republican who killed two unarmed Iraqi prisoners in 2004 is holding a fundraiser at a gun range

Fascist America: Is This Election the Next Turn?

In August 2009, I wrote a piece titled Fascist America: Are We There Yet? that sparked much discussion on both the left and right ends of the blogosphere.

Death at a Checkpoint

The tragic story of Nabiha Jassim, a pregnant woman who was killed by US troops as she rushed to hospital to give birth.

Civilians in the Crossfire

680 civilians, including pregnant women and the mentally ill, killed for coming too close to checkpoints and patrols.