Governor of Qalyoubeya orders distribution of publications against Beltagy

Arbitrary measures continue to be taken against Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr. Mohamed Beltagy who is known for his strong stances in callingfor the rights of residents in the district of

Wafd party threatens election boycott

According to sources Egypt's Wafd opposition party confirmed Tuesday that it may conform to calls to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections next month after state television refused to air the

Activists launch page on FB condemning MB arrests in Egypt

A number of activists launched a new page on the social networking site Facebook in solidarity with the 70 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in Alexandria at dawn Tuesday.

Katatni: Supreme Committee for Elections driven behind NDP wishes

The Media Spokesman and Head of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, Dr. Mohamed Saad el-Ketatni, called on the Supreme Committee for Elections to illustrate integrity and abide by the laws

Amnesty calls on Egypt to free MB detainees

Amnesty International has called on Egyptian authorities to release or at least charge members of the country's largest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood who have been arbitrarily detained in the

Israeli authorities deny Salfit farmers access to olive crops

Israeli authorities continue to deny farmers in the west Salfit town of Masha access to their land located behind the separation wall to harvest their olives, as the farmers’ concern

Increasing European-Russian convergence

Despite the Cold War, Russia and Europe traded commodities entirely reliably and since abandonment of Russia’s command economy with its dogmas a broad movement for closer economic links has developed.

Israel’s US propaganda machine at work

A few days ago, Robert Elman, President of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), published a letter praising David Harris, Executive Director of the AJC.

IOF orders demolition of Palestinian homes in Bethlehem, arrests 4 in Silwan

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) served demolition notices to the owners of seven houses east of Bethlehem, south of the West Bank, local sources said.

Man and his pregnant wife injured in deliberate settler hit and run accident

An Israeli settler deliberately ran into a Palestinian car near Halhul village, Al-Khalil district, on Monday night injuring the driver and his pregnant wife, eyewitnesses reported.