NDP musters itself to ban the MB’s slogan

Just days ahead of parliamentary candidates registration a statement was issued by the Higher Elections Commission maintaining that religious slogans such as “Islam is the solution” may not be raised.

MB Chief Vows to Rally Egyptians Against Vote-Rigging in Elections

The top rival of the Egyptian regime in upcoming elections has vowed to prevent fraud in next month's vote by rallying Egyptians sure that the people of Egypt are appalled

Campaigning made interesting by NDP candidates

An article in Egypt’s state run Al Gomhoreya newspaper asserts that for the first time since 1886 November’s elections will ensure 64 women are represented in Egypt’s People’s Assembly.

Amnesty Calls on Egyptian Authorities to Release Political Detainees

Amnesty International renewed its call on Egypt's ruling regime to release, or at least charge, political detainees and supporters of all opposition groups - mainly the Muslim Brotherhood - following

Egypt: University Professors Confirm Their Respect for Court Order

A recent statement by Cairo University president, Hossam Kamel, indicated that he respected the recent judicial ruling to remove all state security from university campuses, stressing that he appreciated the

MB MPs denied voting cards by the Egyptian Authorities

The Nasr City Police Station denied requests by Muslim Brotherhood MP Essam Mokhtar, to receive a voter ID card, on the grounds that he belongs to a politically banned organization.