Bahrain’s run off polls less intense then first round

Run off polls were held in Bahrain with two Sunni Islamist and a leftist alliance contesting the last 9 seats in parliament.

MB top Lawyer: Egyptian ruling Regime detains 361 MB and raids 106 firms and businesses

Top Muslim Brotherhood defence lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel-Maqsoud, maintained that since the announcement of the group’s decision, on October 9, to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in November 2010

Obama’s half-hearted efforts for Egyptian democracy

Since Obama brought up the need for "a vibrant civil society, open political President Mubarak’s regime has done exactly the opposite of what Obama asked.

Escalating harassments of MB supporters

Supporter of an MB candidate for parliamentary elections in Cairo, Ibrahim el-Sayed el-Sayed, was severely tortured after his arrest yesterday by security officer, Mohamed Sameer. He was tortured to provide

Israeli settlers beat up Palestinian young man in O. Jerusalem

A gang of fanatic Jewish settlers have attacked a Jerusalemite Palestinian young man in the western part of the occupied city while taking his coffee in one of the coffee

Ibrahimi mosque closed for Muslim worshipers as settlers celebrate

Scores of Jewish settlers converged on al-Khalil on Friday afternoon to celebrate "Chaye Sarah" closing the mosque in the face of Muslim worshipers for the length of the festivity.

MB Teenagers latest victims of State Security

Security Services in the Sharqeya governorate arrested three Muslim Brotherhood students ahead of the 2010 Parliamentary elections in the Derb Balah district.

Zionist plan to distort features of Buraq plaza exposed

Palestinian and Hebrew sources revealed that the Israeli occupation government approved a plan to excavate the Buraq plaza to search for "Jewish antiquities", and to build a Jewish temple in

Israeli police shoot “hated” Arab legislator in back

Jonathan Cook reports on the shooting in the back of Israeli Arab MP Haneen Zoubi by Israel police who used special paramilitary forces against an Arab demonstration provoked by ultra-right-wing

Palestinian female captive on hunger strike for the third day running

The Mandela Foundation that caters for Palestinian captives said that Lanan Abu Ghalma who is detained at Hasharon prison has started a hunger strike three days ago to protest the