Fall of former UK minister exposes Labour’s fascist election strategy

Yvonne Ridley views the demise of former British Minister of State for Borders and Immigration Phil Woolas against the background of the Labour Party’s racist and fascist election strategy under

Israeli occupation hints at US involvement in the assassination of Nimnim

Israeli occupation military sources hinted that the US was involved in the assassination of Muhammad al-Nimnim, a Palestinian resistance fighter affiliate with the Islamic Army faction and whose car was

MB: Reform in Egypt Must Begin by Achieving Integrity of Elections

Mohammed Morsy, spokesman for Egypt's influential Muslim Brotherhood and member of its Executive Bureau, has affirmed that most Muslim Brotherhood candidates have succeeded in submitting applications for nomination in Egypt's

State-Run Egyptian Newspapers alter Judicial Ruling on Islam Is the Solution

Jamal Taj al-Din, a member of the defence team for the MB candidates, denied what was published by Al-Ahram, Al Gomhouria and Al-Ahram Al-Massa'i that the Supreme Administrative Court ruling

MB supporters abducted as security escalates sweep on opposition

As elections near tensions run high and security forces continue their arbitrary sweep hauling in 7 members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Abducted in Egypt

LAST APRIL, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak disregarded appeals from the Obama administration and violated his own public promises by renewing the "emergency law" that for decades has allowed security forces

US Faces Accusations of Human Rights Abuses

In a unique and unprecedented confrontation the United States faced a barrage of condemnations and criticism from the United Nations Human rights Council over Guantanamo and torture allegations.

Gazans mark the 54th anniversary of the Khan Younis massacre

Hamas held on Friday evening a memorial to mark the 54th anniversary of the Khan Younis massacre in which IOF invading troops killed 1200 Palestinians from the city and refugee

Israeli occupation stops dozens of pilgrims from leaving for Makka

The Palestinian captives committee said that the Israeli occupation authorities refused to allow dozens of pilgrims from leaving the West Bank to Amman on their way to Makka to perform

Occupation authorities sell Palestinian property in Silwan to Jewish societies

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper revealed on Friday that the Israeli land authority is selling property in the Silwan suburb in occupied Jerusalem to Jewish settler societies.