Head of Islah High Authority Meets US ambassador in Yemen

Chairman of the main Yemeni opposition party, the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah), Mohammed Abdullah al-Yadoumi, met, in his office on Saturday, the US ambassador to Sana'a, Gerald Feierstein.

Jordan Fears Vote Buying in Polls

With the upcoming elections in Jordan widespread concern erupts about new methods of “vote buying” and other election deceitful tactics ahead of the polls.

Hasbara Lie Exposed: “Staged” Settler Violence is Actually Tree Pruning

In a recent Ynet News story, a news group operating within West Bank settlements witnessed “Arabs and Leftists” staging an event in which their olive trees were vandalized, so as

Israel’s Netanyahu undoubted winner of US mid-term elections – for now

Uri Avnery argues that although the Republican win in the US mid-term elections represents a victory for Binyamin Netanyahu, the longer term prospects for the Israeli prime minister and those

Foreign activists take part in protest rally in JV

-- Inhabitants of Jaftelk village, Jericho district, in the Jordan Valley organized a protest sit-in on Saturday with the participation of foreign solidarity activists against Israeli settlement activity.

MK Baraka exposes plan targeting Arab homes in Lod

-- Arab MK Mohammed Baraka, speaking Saturday before the Israeli Knesset, offered evidence suggesting that NIS 40 million of the NIS 130 million budget set aside to develop the city

Rights group: Female detainees in Talmond denied medical treatment

-- Several ill detainees in the female population of the Israeli Talmond prison have been denied medical treatment, a Palestinian rights group reported, adding that the prison administration has refused

Israeli warplanes launch two raids on southern Gaza

-- Israeli warplanes launched two aerial raids on targets in southern Gaza Strip targeting the tunnels on the Egyptian-Palestinian borders, local sources reported.

IOF troops quell anti wall march

-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used bullets and smoke and sonic bombs to disperse a peaceful march in Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, protesting the racist, separation wall that

Egyptians Show Solidarity in Upcoming Protest

Following Al-Qaeda's threats to Coptic Christians Egyptian churches are prohibiting visitor parking on their grounds.