Security continues arbitrary abductions and detentions

As the fierce campaign on the Muslim Brotherhood continues ahead of elections, state security abducted Nasser Hoary, Secretary for the candidate Abdullah Misbah.

NDP Hands in Nomination List Just Before Deadline

The ruling National Democratic Party submitted its candidate list for November's parliamentary elections just before the expiry of the application deadline in an effort to conceal its contents until the

Jordan’s boycott and tomato woes

The parliamentary elections slated for Tuesday to replace the body dissolved late last year have not exactly set the Kingdom's political life onfire. Some Jordanians will undoubtedly go to the

Egypt Vote Saves Some Seats for Women

As Egypt's Nov. 28 elections approach, female candidates are squaring off to fill the country's newly instated women's quota in the parliament. But whether reserving places for women lawmakers will

Israeli police demolish Rahet mosque amidst protests

Israeli occupation policemen razed the Sahwa mosque in Rahet Bedouin village in 1948 occupied Palestine at dawn Sunday at the pretext that it was built by the Islamic movement without

Big settlement projects approved as Netanyahu flies to US

The Israeli government approved three settlement projects in occupied Jerusalem on the eve of its premier's departure for Washington to meet with US president Barack Obama.

African academics launch boycott campaign against Israeli universities

Hundreds of African academics with the support of international influential figures announced an initiative to boycott Israeli universities until their state ends its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Egypt Cracks Down as U.S. Stands By

In the face of police brutality, crackdowns on political parties and media, and a host of other violations ahead of Egypt's Nov. 28 parliamentary election, human rights advocates are calling

Palestinian government asks Britain not to amend war criminals law

The Palestinian government in Gaza has asked the British government to revoke an earlier decision to amend the legislation on prosecuting war criminals

JP: USA supplying Israel with smart bombs

The Israeli air force is to receive soon the first batch of American-made precision-guided bombs that would noticeably boost its ability to shell specific targets, the Jerusalem Post reported on