Egyptian Activists Doubt Integrity of Polls

Director of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information Gamal Eid cautioned the limitations forced on opposition candidates in Egypt. Additional though unjust rights were granted by the Egyptian government

Libya: 20 Detained Journalists released from Detention

According to news reports from Libya, the 20 journalists unlawfully detained by the Internal Security Agency (ISA) have been released in the late hours of Monday, 8th November 2010.

Three MB Supporters Arrested and Three Injured in New Attack by Egyptian Police in Alexandria

Egyptian security forces assaulted and beat campaigners of MB candidate for the Karmooz district Mahmoud Atia in Alexandria early Tuesday, during a confrontation which turned violent.

Israel expels two Swedes from occupied Palestine

-- The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) detained and later expelled two Swedish citizens, one of them was a lawmaker, upon their arrival in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Elusive Myth of Democratic Egyptian Elections

Later this month, Egyptians will go to the polls, or attempt to, in order to vote in the country’s parliamentary elections.

Israel to establish 11 new villages in Negev

The Israeli housing ministry announced a new scheme to judaize the Negev, south of Palestine occupied in 1948, that envisages establishing 11 new villages in the area from Beersheba to

Israel’s Jerusalem municipality announces new settlement projects in city

-- The Israeli occupation's Jerusalem municipality announced Monday bids to build around a thousand new settlement units in Jebel Abu Ghunaim, south Jerusalem.

Hamas asks Germany to exert practical efforts to end Gaza siege

-- Ayman Taha, a Hamas leader, asked German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle, who visited Gaza Strip for a few hours on Monday, to turn his words on lifting the Gaza

Analysts Slam NDP’s Decision which Allows Members to Vie for the Same Seat

The ruling National Democratic Party‘s decision to feature more than one candidate to vie for the same seat has been viewed by some as a sign of weakness.

Israeli conference to discuss allocating Jordan as state for Palestinians

-- Netherlands MP Geert Wilders, known for his hostility against Islam, is scheduled to attend a conference in Israel to discuss a plan to turn Jordan into a national homeland