Brotherhood Enters Elections in a Weakened State

As the November 28 elections approach, the Muslim Brotherhood appears conflicted and troubled compared to its state before the 2005 parliamentary polls. Many in Egypt were taken aback by the

Egypt’s Political Future: The Parliamentary Elections and Beyond

Opposition activity is heating up as Egypt moves closer to parliamentary elections on November 28. But as voters prepare to head to the polls, the Egyptian government has tightened restrictions

Brotherhood fights for more seats

He was one of 88 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s strongest-yet-banned opposition force, who won seats in the 2005 parliamentary elections.

Amnesty Demands Egypt Protect Detainee from Possible Murder

Egyptian authorities must independently investigate, without delay, allegations that a young man was tortured to death at a police station in Alexandria, and guarantee the safety of another young man

Egypt says no to foreign poll monitors

Egypt's ruling party has rejected as "interference" calls, including by Washington, to allow foreign observers to monitor this month's parliamentary elections, media reports said on Wednesday.

Former MP: NDP credibility fails to exceed 3%

Former MP Ahmed Abu Zeid said the current political situation could lead to collapse unless it is corrected, adding that any reform or change aspired to is entirely in the

Rules for poll monitors announced in Egypt

Restrictive Regulations governing the election monitors during Egypt's parliamentary elections were released by the High Elections Commission.