Opposition slams regime’s efforts to rig election

The opposition Muslim Brotherhood accused the government on Monday of rigging Egypt's parliamentary election by stopping its candidates from campaigning and arresting nearly 250 of its supporters.

Arrests and Attacks Continue on Election Rallies in Daqahliya and Gharbeya

Security forces yesterday released Mohammed Abdul Baqi, a member of the MB parliamentary bloc for Talkha, Daqahliya, after being abducted by security forces during a rally for Muslim Brotherhood candidates

Thirty MB Members Summoned and Arrested, Five Houses Raided and One Abduction in Dakahlia

State security forces issued a decision to quickly arrest and bring to trial 30 more MB supporters who were accompanying candidates as they made their rounds in Talkha and included

Forces attempt to thwart MB’s MP open ended sit –in

Security officials called on the protesting MB candidates to end their sit in parliament urging them to leave the premises.

Knesset to vote on bill outlawing Palestinians from living in ’48-occupied land

-- The Israeli Knesset will vote Sunday on a racist bill outlawing Palestinians from residing in 1948-occupied Palestinian territories with a majorly Jewish population.

Jewish settlers set fire to girls school while expanding Rahalim settlement

As Jewish settlers spent Sunday morning digging up hundreds of dunums of land in the south Nablus region of Sawiya to expand the Rahalim settlement, Nablus lawmaker Yasser Mansur warned

Palestinian farmer wounded in explosion of IOF ordnance

A Palestinian farmer was wounded on Sunday when Israeli army ordnance exploded near him in his farm east of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, medical sources reported.

Israel approves 30M USD budget to Judaize Buraq Square

The Israeli government approved Sunday a NIS 85 million ($30M) plan to Judaize the Buraq Square, known by Jews as the Wailing Wall, around the Aqsa Mosque.

Mubarak Denies Tipping Bush on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

Egypt rebuffed recent allegations by former US President George Bush who maintained that the Egyptian president had encouraged him to invade Iraq in 2003 on the grounds that it possessed

Eleven MB Houses Stormed and Five Leaders Arrested in the Lead Up to Egypt’s Polls

Egyptian security forces stormed the houses of 11 Muslim Brotherhood leaders at dawn in the sea port city of Alexandria the second largest city in Egypt.