Egyptian Opposition’s Facebook Groups Disappear

On Thursday November 25, 2010, many facebook groups such as “Monitoring the Unit of 2010 Parliamentary Elections”, “El-Baradei as a President for Egypt”, and “We are all Khaled Saeed” were

Administrative Court’s Decisions Challenge Legitimacy of the next People’s Assembly

A few days before the 2010 legislative elections, the nation's Higher Administrative Courts issued a number of decisions that may change the electoral map in several districts. The court orders

MB Rejects Allegations by PA Speaker that MB Seeks Religious State

PA speaker in Egypt Dr. Fathi Sorour and senior NDP member on Friday confirmed that any pressure by the US on Cairo for reforms may very well backfire and result

Harsh Two-Year Prison Sentence with Hard Labor for Twelve MB Supporters

In an unprecedented incident the misdemeanor court in Alexandria issued an unexpected and shocking court order to 12 members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Court Orders Cessation of Polls in Twenty-Four Districts

An Egyptian court has ordered the cessation of parliamentary elections scheduled for this Sunday in 24 of the 254 districts. Observers however perceive the court’s orders will be overturned when

Reporters Without Borders Condemns Harassment of Journalists by Egyptian Ruling Regime

Reporters without Borders condemn an increase in measures to monopolize news and information and suppress freedom of expression in the run-up to Egypt’s parliamentary polls scheduled for 28 November.

Egypt: Authorities urged to safeguard rights during elections

Amnesty International today called on the Egyptian authorities to ensure that all candidates and voters are not harassed or intimidated by security forces, supporters of the ruling party and others

Ruling NDP Files Complaints Against 52 MB Candidates

Egypt’s ruling NDP has filed complaints against 52 independent candidates in Sunday's parliamentary poll alleging they belong to an illegal organisation.

Obama’s Grandmother Prays He Embraces Islam

Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother says she prayed during a hajj pilgrimage to Mecca for the American leader to convert to Islam, according to reports.