Egypt’s Election – Blight on a Nation

Egypt's opposition has dubbed the parliamentary elections invalid, claiming the ruling party secured its overwhelming victory by vote rigging and bribery.

MB former MP: MB’s participation exposed regime’s poll rigging

Media spokesman and head of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc in the past parliament, Dr. Mohamed Saad el-Ketatni, stressed that the electoral fraud, disrespect of the will of the

IOA orders temporary exile of Silwan inhabitant

-- The Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem delivered a notification to Adnan Ghaith, an activist in defense of Silwan lands, ordering him not to approach occupied Jerusalem and its environs

21 international organizations call for immediate end to Gaza siege

-- 21 international human rights organizations have called for fresh international moves to lift the siege on Gaza immediately and without any conditions attached.

IOA expels Palestinian families from their homes in OJ

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) forcibly evicted a number of families from their apartments in a building in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, media sources in the holy city

MB will not refrain from helping citizens

Following the announcement of semi-final results in which dozens of MB candidates failed and over 20 MB candidates entered a second round for re-elections on December 5, 2010, Dr Mahmoud

MB Chairman: We Will Continue to Work Peacefully for Egypt and the People’s Wellbeing Regardless

Dr. Mohamed Badie has confirmed that the group will continue to work to serve Egypt and its people whatever the consequences and despite all the obstacles.

Ruling NDP in denial

Despite widespread violence and claims of rigging, preliminary reports have indicated that the ruling National Democratic Party have won the elections in a landslide victory.

Fanatic Jewish groups planning to give lessons in Aqsa

Jewish fanatic groups are planning to storm the holy Aqsa Mosque and to give religious lessons inside it, the Israeli TV Channel 7 said on Monday.

Observers slam Egypt’s polls

The elections in Egypt has left the country anything but satisfied, wide held rigging, vote buying, ballot stuffing, violence and arbitrary arrests laced the parliament poll.