MB Chooses to Boycott Second Round of Polls

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie has officially announced the group's decision to boycott the runoff elections scheduled for next Sunday.

What do these elections say about Egypt?

What is one to make of the first round of elections that took place on Sunday?

Muslim Brotherhood vows global campaign

Cairo: Reeling from a humiliating rout in Egypt's legislative elections, the Muslim Brotherhood, the nation's strongest opposition force despite a ban, said on Tuesday it would pursue a "local and

Muslim Brotherhood loses out in Egypt’s elections

The final results of Egypt's parliamentary election will drain the country's main opposition political group, the Muslim Brotherhood, of much of its legislative power.

Not Even a Rap on the Knuckles – US and Egypt

Can the world turn a blind eye to all the prickly issues surrounding the Egyptian elections? The fraud, brutality and corruption are so obvious that even the US had to

Mubarak’s party poised for Egypt poll triumph

Egypt awaited the final results on Tuesday of a parliamentary election that is set to deliver sweeping gains for President Hosni Mubarak's ruling party and all but shut out the

Furor Grows Over Egypt’s Election Results

As the country awaits the Egyptian government’s official announcement of results from Sunday’s parliamentary elections, unofficial results show — not surprisingly — that the ruling party crushed the opposition in

Wikileaks Cables Confirm MB Was Right all Along

The flood of classified U.S. diplomatic cables released on Sunday by WikiLeaks threatens to further undermine Egypt's already questionable role as a neutral mediator between Palestinian factions, embarrass the U.S.

Polls’ HEC Results Disappoint Egypt

Egypt strengthened its grip on power by alleging it won the majority of seats in parliament in Sunday’s election which was marred by boycotts, irregularities and accusations of widespread fraud

Siddiqui: Egypt’s election fraud far worse than Haiti’s – and more dangerous

We have had acres of newsprint and hours of broadcasts on the flawed elections in Haiti, a nation of 10 million, which has an understandable emotional hold on us but