Down but not Out for the Count – MB Boycotts Runoffs

One big, fat zero! That is what the Muslim Brotherhood is said to have got for their concerted efforts in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

Egypt: Media Prevented From Covering Fraud During First Round of Parliamentary Elections

No one but the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) seems to dispute the fact that there was massive fraud during the first round of the parliamentary elections on 28 November.

Egypt’s Legitimacy Crisis in the Aftermath of Flawed Elections

The first round of parliamentary elections in Egypt has left behind a political scene that is simultaneously frustrating and puzzling.

Trial of Eight Police Officers Who Tortured a Worker to Death Postponed

Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Councillor Adel Abdel Salam Gomaa, postponed the second hearing in the trial of two officers, four policemen and two soldiers in Maadi police station, until

Judge’s Arrest and Violations on Election Day Draw Outcry

The detention of Egyptian judge, Waleed El-Shafei, while attempting to monitor a polling station in Badrasheen district during Sunday's voting, has triggered widespread controversy.

MB Preparing a File on Election Violations to Submit to the Attorney General

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and Al-Wafd Party are going to submit two complaints to the Attorney General on the violations that took place during the elections such as “Fraud, abuse,

NDP Candidate Shoots Son of a MB supporter in Beni Suef

Councillor Hamdy Faruq, attorney general of Beni Suef prosecutions, decided to arrest Shaaban Younes, supporter of the National Ruling Party’s candidate, Ahmed El-Reedy, for four days on charges of shooting

Judge Wardani: State Security Forces Shut Down Voting Centers

Vice President of the Court of Appeals, Ayman Al-Wardani, resigned from his post as a member of the committee mandated with supervising the elections in the city of Arish in

Hussein: MB Decided to Boycott the Run-Off and Will Continue the Struggle to Regain People’s

Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, emphasized that the group has achieved many of its goals, as they feel the responsibility to protect people and make them

Rafiq Habib: Absence of Rules that Promotes Fair Election Process Triggered MB to Boycott

Rafiq Habib, prominent Coptic Christian expert on Islamist movements, said the Brotherhood's decision to boycott the run-off elections scheduled to be held on December 5, was a patriotic decision made