Sadat Submits Complaint to the Public Prosecutor Accusing NDP’s Ahmed Ezz of Poll Rigging

Anwar Esmat Sadat, is submitting a complaint to the public prosecutor accusing NDP’s Ahmed Ezz and the party’s bureau of poll rigging as they are ordered to facilitate fraud and

NDP monopolises parliament after MB and Wafd boycott poll

Constitutional jurist, Ibrahim Darwish, said the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wafd Party's decision to withdraw from the second round of voting will probably not affect the parliament's legitimacy but it

Nazra for Feminist Studies: Egypt’s NDP Foils Women’s Quota and Captures Seats as a Result

Nazra for Feminist Studies, member in the Independent Coalition for Election Observation, released a special statement about women on Election Day to choose a Member of Parliament.

April 6 Youth Calls for We Are All One Protest

The April 6 Movement called for a protest on Tuesday at the Press Syndicate on the occasion of the Hijri New Year (the Muslims Calendar), demanding the immediate release of

Sunday’s Run-Offs – A Non-Event

Sunday is a holiday in Egypt. Most Egyptian school children will probably remember the 2010 run-offs as simply a day off school.

Dershowitz: Zionist liar par exellance

Alan Dershowitz, the American Zionist fanatic, is notorious for his brashly racist views about just anything non-Jewish.

34 ships to carry aid to Gaza next April

The international campaign for solidarity with the Palestinian people is preparing to send 34 ships loaded with humanitarian relief material to the Gaza Strip by next April, Mariam Zakut, the

Dozens hurt in Bilin weekly anti wall march

-- Tens of Palestinian citizens were treated for teargas inhalation n Bilin village, west of Ramallah city, after Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used teargas canisters to disperse the weekly anti

IOF soldiers open machinegun fire at civilians in Gaza, wound three

- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stationed north and east of Gaza Strip opened machinegun fire at Palestinian citizens at dawn Saturday wounding three of them including two workers who were