International Conference to Discuss Violations of Egypt’s Poll

The Independent Committee for Elections Monitoring has organized an international press conference on Tuesday December 7, at the Ibn Khaldun Center to discuss Egypt’s 2010 parliamentary poll and the deterioration

Death toll of Haifa fire rises to 43 Israelis

The death toll from the massive bushfire in the heavily-forested Carmel hill, southeast of Haifa, rose to 43 on Saturday morning, while Israeli official sources said that the fire reached

Israeli official: Collapse of Aqsa Mosque is imminent

Col. Yoram Lev-Ran, the Commander of the Jerusalem district of the Home Front Command, has warned that a disaster might befall the holy Aqsa Mosque and that the old Marwani

Mother of detained journalist appeals for his release

The mother of Moaz Mishaal, a journalist in Nablus, denounced the continued detention of her son in Abbas's jails for the 100th day running.

Increasing Tension as WikiLeaks Rocks More than One Boat

Uncovering the cover-ups, WikiLeaks has received blanket coverage this week on all media outlets around the world.

Arab States Crackdown on MB Will not Deter Them Calling for Peaceful Reform

According to Islamist analysts and observers Egypt and Jordan’s regime have both targeted the Muslim Brotherhood opposition in the parliamentary elections.

MB to sue The Youm El Saba paper for inaccurate allegations

Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr Hazem Farouk has denied recent rumours which alleged that he would compete in the runoff despite the group’s decision to boycott.