Tensions Rise between Judges and the HEC

A request has been submitted by Mohamed Mikki of the Supreme Judges Council calling on the High Elections Commission to prepare a report on judicial monitors during Egypt’s recent parliamentary

Mubarak Is President, but not for Long

President Mubarak – confident (having vote rigging down to a fine art) that he will be Egypt’s president for life - has gone to great lengths to proudly retain power

MB and Opposition Increase Coordination Efforts

In the aftermath of Egypt’s ruling NDP’s illegitimate sweep of the parliamentary elections opposition movements and parties have been increasing coordination.

Amnesty International Warns of Greater Violence during the Presidential Elections

Amnesty International demanded the Egyptian authorities to open a serious investigation into the violence that took place during the elections which have just ended.

Al Jazeera Correspondent Issued Fifteen Day Renewed Detention Order

Al Jazeera's correspondent Badr Mohamed Badr was issued a 15 day renewed detention order by Prosecution in the 6th of October constituency.

Update: WikiLeaks Cables On Muslim Brotherhood

Wikileaks: Mubarak “hates Hamas, and considers them the same as Egypt’s own Muslim Brotherhood, which he sees as his own most dangerous political threat.”