WikiLeaks and the wicked disinformers

Paul J. Balles debunks false arguments of “national security” expounded by the likes of Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post to bludgeon the whistleblower website WikiLeaks and argues that, rather

Is Julian Assange Europe’s Nelson Mandela?

Christopher King urges everyone who cares about justice and the truth to stand by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with donations to help him defend himself against politically-motivated, vexatious prosecution by

Obama to Netanyahu: “You win”

Alan Hart argues that US President Barack Obama’s admission that he has given up trying to persuade Israel to freeze illegal settlement building proves that the makers of the USA’s

‘Til Death Do Us Part’ – Peeling Power from a Dictator

Going! Going! Gone! That is the word on Mubarak’s credibility and that of his NDP. Pre-election intimidation and changes to the constitution, followed by blatant electoral fraud, followed by a

Opposition Unites on Sunday Calling to Nullify Parliament

“Void” the slogan adopted and to be raised on banners in Cairo on Sunday December 12, by 15 opposition groups and parties from all walks and trends. Ideological differences will

And what will Santa bring the kiddies of Gaza?

As Christmas approaches, Stuart Littlewood remembers the besieged and starving people of Gaza – many of whom have to scavenge through rubbish tips for food to survive – forgotten by

Israel’s racist rabbis: wave of edicts urge “Hate the gentile”

Jonathan Cook views the vile racism disseminated by prominent Israeli rabbis, from edicts prohibiting the renting of homes to gentiles, to justifications for murdering Palestinian babies, to utterances defining non-Jews

Two children die in an explosion of a bomb left by the IOF during war

Two Palestinian children were killed on Friday in the explosion of a bomb left by the IOF during the war on Gaza. Four others were wounded in IOF gunfire in

IOF troops use highly destructive bombs against civilians in Gaza Strip

Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses in the Gaza Strip said Thursday that the bomb dropped by an Israeli F-16 warplane on the eastern part of Gaza city was of high

Specialists: The siege on Gaza imposes harsh psychological effect on people

Local and international psychologists and human rights activists have urged Thursday the international community to pressure the Zionist entity into lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip, warning that the