Jordan Refutes IAF Fatwa over Afghan War

A statement issued by the Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan was criticised by the Jordanian government who described it as ‘offensive’.

MB chairman:“Our Reformist Work Continues”

Dr. Mohamed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed in his weekly letter that the work for reform continues, saying: “The love of the homeland is greater than the

Egyptian Court Orders Prosecutor not to Label the MB as a Banned Group

Egypt's Emergency State Security Court, which was considering the 'Muslim Brotherhood International Organization case yesterday, has witnessed a hot debate between the president of the court, Judge Mahmoud Sami, and

Controversial Legislature Holds First Session

Egypt’s People's Assembly, held its first session today as the building was surrounded by security forces anticipating further protests, amid continued outcry over fraud and voting irregularities.

Security cordon streets leading to parliament building as ‘elected’ MPs sworn in

A security presence prevailed in the areas surrounding parliament coinciding with the beginning of the first session of the fraudulent parliament today.

Seven Dead and Dozens Under the Rubble Communicating with Their Families Via Mobile Phones

The number of fatalities from the collapsed clothing factory in Alexandria reached seven while the search continues.

MB candidates submit close to 400 poll appeals

The total number of appeals made by Muslim Brotherhood candidates in the 2010 Parliamentary elections reached 374. The appeals were submitted to the Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Judicial

El-Baradei Meets the MB and Al-Wafd Before Travelling

Sources revealed that communications are taking place regarding the arrangement of a meeting between leaders of Al-Wafd party and Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei before he travels. El-Baradei welcomed all political powers

IOF troops assault old woman, arrest her son

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed a Palestinian home in Doura village, south of Al-Khalil, and detained a young man after battering his mother and injuring her.

Farewell to Afghanistan

Sama Adnan considers the crippling impact of the US intervention in Afghanistan on the American economy and society, highlighting among other things that while President Obama has cut federal salaries