The MB Describes the Regime as Weak and Calls for the Release of Al-Shater

The Muslim Brotherhood has accused the regime of being weak because of the continuation of a forged parliament and the failure to implement judicial rulings which ruled that it is

Saturday: Symposium on “The Role of National Journalists in the Elections”

The Freedoms Committee in the Journalists’ Syndicate organized a symposium2010 Elections” to present the experiences of national journalists in covering the recent parliamentary elections.

Shehab Defends Electoral Practices and Dismisses Parallel Parliament

Mufid Shehab Minister of State for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs dismissed the "parallel parliament" recently formed by opposition figures, former MPs and members of opposition including those from the Muslim

Egypt and Iran

President Mubarak sees Iran and its attempt to exert more influence throughout the region as Egypt’s biggest long-term threat, due to its support for HAMAS, weapons and illegal funds’ smuggling.

Gamal Mubarak Blames Judges for Low Turnout in the 2005 Presidential Election

WikiLeaks has released a new batch of cables today including 11 originating from the US embassy in Cairo, dating back to the Bush administration in 2005.

Islamophobia at Its Best: Muslim Employees Banned from Hotel during Barak’s Visit

In a blatant act of prejudice a hotel's general manager told Muslim employees not to come in after the State Department had reported “irregularities” in routine background checks on them

Tagammu Leaders Call on Party Leader to Step Down after Radical Decisions

Senior members from the oppositions Tagammu Party called on Refaat ElSaeed to step down after describing his decisions as 'radical'.

Another Look at Wikileaks – America the Indispensable?

The revelations of Wikileaks has had little impact on US policy or diplomacy, despite all the analysis and headlines. Only a handful of the cables actually contain information that reveals

NDP to present Presidential platform after NDP’s 7th Annual Conference

The National Democratic Party (NDP) will begin preparing its platform for the presidential candidate after the seventh annual conference slated for December 25-26.