Julian Assange – the Hero of WikiLeaks

Back in 2006, Daniel Ellsberg, the famous whistle-blower of the Vietnam War, received an unsolicited e-mail that had a return address - "WikiLeaks." Thus, a new era in world politics

Zionist lobby’s new orders for Obama

Alan Hart argues that new instructions issued to President Obama by Israel through its stooges in Congress, in the form of House Resolution 1734, might be a sign of panic

Apartheid Israel-style: law to keep Jews and Arabs apart

Jonathan Cook reports on a draft apartheid law, currently going through the Israeli parliament, which would enshrine in law the right of Jewish community associations to accept only Jews, making

Jews, Judaism and Jewishness

Gilad Atzmon explains why it is essential for the pro-Palestinian movement “freely to explore the true nature of the ideology that drives the Jewish state and Jewish politics”, and to

What US House Resolution 1765 tells us about the peace camp

Sama Adnan argues that efforts to educate the US public about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the need for a just solution to this conflict will remain incomplete and essentially toothless

Who is the real Barack Obama?

Lawrence Davidson argues that Barack Obama’s transformation from a progressive before becoming president to an anti-progressive president is probably due to his having no firm principles in the first place,

Online Referendum on Egypt’s most Blatant Corruptors

A group of political activists launched a new page on the social networking site, Facebook, to conduct a popular referendum through which they will choose the country's worst figures who

Jewish settlers cut down productive trees, burn sheep in Nablus villages

A gang of Jewish settlers were spotted late Friday night flocking into the village of Tel, south of the West Bank city of Nablus and cutting down fruit trees and

IOF raid kills five Palestinians in central Gaza

Five Palestinian resistance fighters were killed in an Israeli air raid on their position in Deir Al-Balah in central Gaza Strip at a late hour on Saturday night.

Nakhala: New Gaza-bound aid convoy from Asia will expose Israel

-- Chief Islamic Jihad Movement official Ziad Nakhala warmly welcomed a new convoy from Asia set to deliever humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and called on the Palestinians to