Complaint to the Attorney General Accusing El-Baradei of Inciting Civil Disobedience

Magdy El-Kordi, co-ordinator of the Popular Support Coalition for Gamal Mubarak, submitted a complaint to the Attorney General, Councillor Abdel Megid Mahmoud, against Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, founder of the National

MB Warns of Aftermath of Egyptian Parliamentary Election’s Quake

Dr. Essam El-Erian, the Brotherhood's media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau, has warned of serious consequences of the so-called ‘earthquake’ that took place in Egypt's much-criticised parliamentary elections.

Ghad Party Leader Warns of Greater Violence following denials to fraud

Dr. Ayman Nour, leader of Egypt's Al-Ghad Party, believes that President Hosni Mubarak's negligence to the opposition’s demands for dissolving the new parliament will close peaceful paths to change.

Iran eyes change in Egypt and Saudi Arabia very differently

If a foreign observer had been present in Tehran during the recent parliamentary elections in Egypt, he or she would have been surprised by the lack of enthusiasm displayed by

Rights group urges Egypt’s prosecutor to investigate edict against ElBaradei

A recent religious edict issued by Mahmoud Amer, head of Egypt's Al-Sunna al-Mohamadiya religious group, calling on former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, to "repent" for inciting civil unrest and

Vulnerable Muslim Youth: The Challenge of Counter-Radicalisation

Atlanta, Georgia - Many of us are still bewildered by the bizarre news of the 19-year-old Somali-born American citizen, Muhammad Osman Mohamud, arrested on 25 November for attempting to bomb

Egypt’s Old and New Opposition – And Why They Need Each Other

The Arab world has proven stubbornly resistant to democratic change.

WikiLeaks – Another Perspective

According to recent polls, Israel is seen as the greatest threat to world peace, yet Wikileaks is distracting people’s attention away from Israel, focusing on Iran as the biggest threat.

Close to 6000 Appeals and Lawsuits Threaten “Fraudulent Parliament”

The number of cases and appeals against the 2010 parliamentary elections reached 4299 lawsuits including 1426 cases in the Supreme Administrative Court alone.

Media Attacks by NDP against Parallel Parliament

The National Democratic Party (NDP) is studying a plan to besiege the parallel parliament which was formed by the opposition and former MPs in a clear message objecting to the