April 6 Youth’s Conference Lashes Out at Mubarak’s NDP

Speakers at the 3rd Conference was held by the April 6 Youth Movement under the slogan "In the Occupied Egyptian Territories", parallel to the Conference of the ruling National Democratic

HRF: Democracy Possible if Egypt Is Pressured by US Administration

Neil Hicks international policy adviser for Human Rights First wrote in an article in Washington Post that he agreed with the Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner that Egypt’s upcoming

Six Former MB MPs Arrested and Houses Raided

Security forces raided the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary headquarters in Sharqeya Sunday afternoon arresting 6 MB high ranking members including Executive Bureau member Dr. Mohyee Hamed.

Palestinian fisherman injured in IOF shooting

A Palestinian fisherman was slightly wounded on Saturday when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) aboard navy gunboats opened heavy machinegun fire at fishermen off the coast of northern Gaza city.

Egypt: Mossad was behind internet cable cut two years ago

- Egyptian Supreme State Security disclosed investigations leading to Israeli foreign intelligence the Mossad being behind the break in an internet cable belonging to Egypt a few kilometers off Italian

Dozens suffer breathing difficulties in IOF quelling of peaceful march

-- Tens of Palestinians and foreign solidarity activists were treated for gas inhalation in Beit Ummar village, Al-Khalil district, after Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired tear gas canisters at them

Israeli bombing of civilian homes in last Gaza war one of the most grisly crimes

-- The Israeli bombing of civilian homes during the last war on the Gaza Strip was one of the most gruesome crimes which can never be forgotten by the survivors,

Israeli jail isolates prisoner for filing complaint

- The Israeli Jalbou prison administration have placed prisoner Jihad Mohammed Shukri Yaghmur in solitary confinement for filing a complaint against prison guards, said the supreme national committee in aid

Judges Launch Petition Demanding Exemption from Supervising Upcoming Presidential Election

A number of judges on the sidelines of tertiary-term elections of the Judges Club, began a campaign to collect signatures on a memorandum calling for them to be exempted from

Mubarak sidelines presidential succession issue and opposition’s reform demands

The ruling NDP’s annual convention began on Saturday with what appeared to be early intentions of sidelining and ignoring pressing questions of political reform and presidential succession although his mandate