Mubarak’s Ticking Bomb

The Egyptian regime is yet to learn that democracy means more than just going through the motions.

Egyptian Opposition Divided?

An article in the Guardian cites that the final results of the recent Egyptian parliamentary ballots guarantee five years of political insignificance for the institutional opposition.

A dialogue with Hamas – Part 1

In this extended two-part interview Hamdan engages in an in-depth discussion of the party's affairs, policies and interests. This dialogue follows Manuela Paraipan's recently published interview with Hamas leader Khaled

Mousa: I have not decided on presidency nomination as yet

Secretary General for the Arab League Amr Mousa asserted that to date he has not determined his intentions concerning his candidacy for the presidential bid scheduled for 2011in Egypt.

Nassar Human Rights Center: Alexandria, Capital of Arab Torture in 2010

Nassar Human Rights center named Alexandria the "Capital of Arab Torture in 2010" after the center monitored large numbers of torture cases that had not been preceded by any of

Gamal Mubarak: NDP’s Annual Conference Will not Choose Presidential Nominee

Assistant Secretary General and the Chairman of the Policies Committee at the National Democratic Party, Gamal Mubarak, said that the National Democratic Party’s nominee for the September 2011 presidential election