Human Rights The Egyptian Way The Arabic Network Resents The Request of A Rights Organization

The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information today resented the communique filed to the Public Prosecutor by a civil worker in a so-called human rights organization to stop displaying the

Tunisia and Steps to Overthrow the Dictator Ben Ali

For two weeks expanding protests have been taking place in Tunisia initially flaring in the state of Sidi Bouzid. Security forces confronted protestors, arresting lawyers and activists who were in

Egypt – What Is in Store in 2011?

Egypt has large quantities of gas and petroleum and has started prospecting its territorial waters north of Alexandria and in the Nile Delta and is exploring the Mediterranean Sea.

Tunisia : Arabic Pinochet Government Respond to Peaceful Protests by Live Ammunition Orchestrating AlJazeera and

The Arabic Network for Human rights Information today denounced the security siege and the ruthless assaults on protesters and demonstrators in the recent protests in many Tunisian cities against unemployment

Egypt Letter urges President Mubarak to intercede in jailed Internet user’s case

Reporters Without Borders, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) and the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) sent a joint letter to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Appeals Submitted to Courts by Candidates’ Lawyers Expose Rigged Parliament

Jurists demanded the invalidity of the current elected parliament, which was founded on violation of court orders amid the reluctance of the Higher Election Commission (HEC) to implement decisions to

Alliance for AEA, Europeans Demand to Change Article 76 and to Nominate a Single Candidate

Peaceful democratic transition in Egypt, the presidential elections and the unity of opposition forces were among issues discussed at a conference devoted to it and organized recently in the Egyptian

Parliamentary Correspondent Angered by Ban to Attend Committee Meeting

A decision to ban parliament’s correspondent from attending a committee meeting triggered angry responses.

El-Baradei’s Support Committee Distributes Pamphlets Reviving Call for Change

Presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei’s support committee distributed pamphlets in Alexandria urging people to support the call for reform and change and the end of violence and violations in police

Simple formula

In the past few hours, the chronic symptoms of our political malaise got worse. It is the same old story, the same miserable ailment that has been taking its toll