Top Egyptian Cleric Denounces Pope Benedict’s Double Standards

During a press conference Al-Azhar’s Grand Cleric Ahmed Al-Tayeb denounced Pope Benedict XVI’s biased reaction to the blast in Alexandria questioning why he didn’t ask for the Muslims to be

Families of hunger strikers appeal for saving their sons from death

The families of five hunger strikers said their sons may die any moment after their health conditions reached a deadly level and appealed to all human rights organizations to intervene

Christmas and New Year’s Eve: More Homeless Palestinian children

The children gathered around what was, moments ago, their safe haven, the reservoir of their memories, the focus of their happiness, the link between them and their fathers and grandfathers,

Morsy: Alexandria’s Church Bombing a Flagrant Attack Affecting One and All

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau and the group's Media Spokesman, described the attacks on an Alexandria church as a flagrant attack which has affected the

Police hauls in 17 suspects believed to be involved in deadly church blast

According to Al-Jazeera sources Egyptian security personnel and police have rounded up 17 people they suspect are affiliated with the barbaric killings after a bomb, believed to be detonated by

Mikki: SJC Takes No on Briefs Submitted Concerning Post-Election Abuses

Judge Ahmed Mikki, a member of the Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC), has noted that the Council has not yet examined his complaint about the irregularities and violations that took place

MB Chairman Calls for Nation’s Unity against Sudan Partition

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), affirmed that the unity of the Arab/Islamic nation has become the first bulwark against US-Zionist schemes afoot to divide Sudan, and