Politicians: Alexandria ‘s Church Bombing Reveals Serious Security Breach and al-Qaeda Bears Full Responsibility

Political experts emphasized that Al-Qaeda is behind the terrorist bomb blast in front of Alexandria 's Church of Saints , and they have ruled out the possibility that the terrorists

Students, Opposition, and International Groups Condemn Church Bombing

The deadly blast outside an Egyptian Church in Alexandria was condemned by representatives from Egypt's entire political spectrum, governments worldwide and international organizations.

ANHRI Statement: Egypt’s State of Emergency failed to Stop Terrorism

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information issued a statement stressing that the terrorist act in Alexandria which killed tens of Egyptians, during the Church bombing on New Year’s eve

Human Rights Group Demands Resignation of the Egyptian Interior Minister

During a press statement today, Director of the Egyptian Center for Human Rights, Nabil Gabriel, blamed the Egyptian government for the New Year's Eve massacre in Alexandria.

Al-Qaradawi: Perpetrators of Alexandria ‘s Blast Criminals Are Blood-Assassins and Non-Muslims

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, President of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS), vehemently denounced the suicide attack, which happened during New Year's Eve outside the Al-Qiddissine (The Saints) church on

White House Gathers Information on Alexandria’s Church Bombing

Michael Mounir, spokesman of Hand-in-Hand for Egypt, has received calls from White House officials inquiring about the criminal blast that took place outside the Al-Qiddissine (The Saints) church on Saturday,

Egyptian Activists Call for Protests against Targeting Unity of the Egyptian People

Egyptian political activists from a campaign supporting Sabahi's presidential candidacy for the 2011 presidential elections, staged a protest on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm in Shubra, Cairo to

Differences Between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hard-Line Salafi Groups

With the growing frequency of terrorist attacks happening the world over at the hands of people who claim to be Muslims, the differences between various Islamic groups becomes blurred, as

MB Decides to Take Part in the People’s Parliament

The Muslim Brotherhood has officially announced their engagement in the proposal package put forward by the parties and political forces under the name of ‘The People's Parliament’.