Protesters Referred to Trial for Allegedly Inciting Sedition

Eight Muslim activists protesting in solidarity with Christian Copts have been charged with illegal rallying, rioting, damaging public property, and assailing police officers on duty by Egypt’s public prosecutor.

Muslim Groups Nationwide Call for Initiative to Protect Churches on Coptic Christmas

Recent calls have been made by various Muslim groups on the social networking site Facebook and other social media to protect churches. The groups call for the forming of human

Shehab Center for Human Rights Calls for Investigation into the Death of a Citizen in

In their statement today, members of Shehab Centre for Human Rights demanded an urgent and independent investigation into the murder of Mahmoud El-Shahat.

The U.S. needs to get tough with Israel

When diplomatic sources revealed that the United States was abandoning efforts for an Israeli settlement freeze, many surely did not know whether to laugh or cry. The first two years

Egypt a Big Challenge for the Obama Administration

Juan Cole, a Professor of History at the University of Michigan, has stressed that Egypt, after decades of being unproblematic for the US, may be on the verge of becoming

Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Receives Amr Khaled in his Office

His Eminence, Dr. Al-Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, received preacher Amr Khaled, accompanied by Dr. Abdul Halim Aweys, a professor of Islamic History and Civilization at the Cairo-based Al-Azhar

Experts: Brotherhood’s Participation in the People’s Parliament Ensure its Survival

Analysts, experts, politicians and parliamentarians welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the "People's Parliament", emphasizing that they are one of the basic guarantees, due to the group’s real political weight

23 dead in latest Alexandria Bomb Toll as Protests escalate Across Egypt

The number of victims of the Alexandria church bombing has climbed to 23. According to Church sources the number of victims of the church blasts in Alexandria has reached 23