2010 Records Highest Number of MB Arrests Totalling over 6000

According to the latest count the Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud has maintained that 2010 has proved to have harvested the largest number of MB detainees so far.

Lawmaker Proposes to Continue Capital Punishment for Treason and Espionage

NDP MP Sharaf Al-Din submitted a proposal to PA Speaker Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour to amend the Egyptian Penal Code

Wave of arrests of bloggers and activists

Reporters Without Borders condemned the 6 January 2011 arrests and disappearances of bloggers and online activists in a number of Tunisian cities.

Two Hundred and Sixteen MB Cadres Accused of Using Religious Mottos and Promoting Banned Group

The National Ruling Party (NDP) started the translation of its complaint against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in which it accused the MB of violating the rules of running for parliamentary

Former MB MP demands immediate investigation into death of tortured victim

In a serious escalation and violation of human rights, the Security Directorate of Alexandria threatened the family of Alexandria's torture victim Sayed Bilal, who died in State security headquarters during

Sudan’s MB calls on Muslims Worldwide to Support Sudan Against Secession Conspiracy

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan has called on Arab and Islamic nations to defend Sudan's unity, and to save Sudan from the US-Israeli schemes underway to divide it.

NDP Tycoons Support Campaign Advocating Gamal Mubarak for Presidency

Two weeks after the end of the annual conference of the National Democratic Party (NDP), some of its members decided to revive the campaign to support Gamal Mubarak’s candidacy for

PA Speaker: A Unified Law for Houses of Worship and Coptic Quota a Fabricated Lie

Dr. Fathi Sorour, Speaker of the People's Assembly and a leading National Democratic Party (NDP) figure, denied that parliament had received a bill on a unified law for building places