When Pro-Western Regimes Fall: What Should the U.S. Do?

One month ago, Tunisia seemed quiet, stable. Quiet and stable is generally what Western governments like to see in the Middle East. But Tunisia may be on the brink of

Prime Minister Criticizes Foreign Involvement in Egypt’s Affairs

Egypt’s Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif addressed the people during a special television program entitled "A Special Meeting."

The Future of Israel

The Israel I live in today is a country where at least half the population is cut off from full-participation in society because of an impenetrable wall of racism and

Amnesty Calls for Safeguarding MB Detainee

Amnesty International has issued a statement in which Ikhwanweb has a copy urging the Egyptian authorities to order security police to stop harassing and intimidating the families of detainees who

MB chairman: Egyptian Regime Failed to protect its People

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie, in his recent statement ascertained that the regime has failed to protect its people.

Obama Should Read WikiLeaks Docs

While US presidents and European leaders have long viewed Afghanistan as a strategic square on the global chessboard, Pakistan sees its Afghan neighbour in the context of a fierce regional

Deafening Western Silence as Tunisia’s Violence Escalates Despite Curfew

Amid worldwide silence Tunisia's capital, witnessed the killings of 4 citizens by army and police despite a dusk-to-dawn curfew. The army deployed armoured vehicles in the capital.

MB Offshoot in Jordan Approves Strategy to Increase Membership

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood offshoot The Islamic Action Front has approved a four-year strategy to increase the membership base of its political party during an IAF shura council.

Egypt is Inflating Not Flourishing

Egypt is in a 'demographic' danger that is not less severe than the other dangers that surround it and boiling inside it, says Moataz A. Fattah.

Helen Thomas: The Voice of the Voiceless

Helen Thomas should be recognized for her humane voice for the world's voiceless, while advocating social justice, democracy and freedom, says Leila Diab.