MB offshoot in Jordan engages in sit in protesting to living standards

Jordanians engaged in a mass sit in where more than 3,000 Jordanian trade unionists, Islamists and leftists sat outside parliament protesting against the government's economic policies.

Egyptian man sets himself ablaze in front of parliamentary building

Egypt witnessed an Egyptian man setting himself on fire outside the country's parliament, in an apparent protest imitating the self-immolation of the unemployed Tunisian who triggered the popular uprising and

Al-Qaradawi Calls for the Exclusion of Al-Ghannouchi from the Interim Government

Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradawi, president of the World Federation of Muslim Scientists, stressed that he does not wish that the new government in Tunisia is formed by Al-Ghannouchi.

A Lawsuit Calling on the Minister of Interior: Police Officers should Undergo Physiological and Mental

Three lawyers filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Judiciary ordering that the Minister of Interior should give orders for policemen to undergo periodic psychological and mental check ups.

Activists Call for National Strike in Front of the Egyptian Presidential Palace on January 25

Twitter and Facebook contributed greatly to the Tunisian revolution that granted its people their freedom. A large number of activists on Facebook are calling for a national strike in front

WikiLeaks Helps Overthrow Dictator in Tunisia

For the first time in history, an Arab dictator has been overthrown by a popular revolution. On Saturday, January 15, Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced to

Egypt’s People’s Parliament Announces 16 MB Names as Members

During a press conference held at the Al-Wafd party’s headquarters on Sunday, the Coordinating Committee of the People's Parliament announced its founding statement and the initial list of members as

Ghannouchi to Al Jazeera: I Will Return to Tunisia and Call for Dissolution of Parliament

Rashid Ghannouchi, president of Tunisia's main Islamic opposition movement, accused Tunisia's ousted president Zane El Abidine Ben Ali of intimidating the West from the possibility that Islamists come to power.