Egyptian Regime to Continue Oppressive Policies, Blocks Facebook

Although Facebook has returned a few hours ago Mubarak's regime blocked the popular social networking website, Facebook.

Day of Rage Digest Egyptians in Action January 25th

Ikhwanweb has collected its update for the planned Day of Rage protests on January 25th by opposition activists in Cairo and elsewhere after Egyptians finally decided to discard their apathy

Total Capitulation

The 'Palestine Papers’ being published this week by al-Jazeera confirm in every detail what many Palestinians have suspected for a long time: their leaders have been collaborating in the most

Egypt’s unstable regime

Egyptians have finally decided to discard their apathy and call for change. Whether inspired by Tunisia or infected with its motivation it is truly a welcome change.

After Tunisia: Obama’s Impossible Dilemma in Egypt

The Middle East just got more complicated for the Obama administration. The January 14 popular revolt in Tunisia, the first ever to topple an Arab dictator, has called into question