MB and opposition calls for largest protest

For the third consecutive day Egypt has witnessed nationwide protests with further indications it will continue through Friday.

Human Rights Calls for the Dismissal of the Minister of Interior and Senior Leadership of

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights demands the dismissal of the Minister of Interior and leaders of the police who issued and implemented decisions to fire on the

Egypt Protests – Changing the Rules of the Game

Egyptians have taken to the streets demanding an end to the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak and protesting economic hardship and rampant corruption. Demonstrations in Tunisia brought down the

Egypt: Dismissal of Interior Minister is the Only Choice Peaceful assembly is a civil right

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today, that the dismissal of the interior minister Habib Al-Adli is a national demand , being the prime responsible for the crimes

MB statement on January 25, Day of Rage and its consequences

Egypt is undergoing important events where the Egyptian people started a movement in Cairo and other cities in the country expressing their anger and denouncing the practices and violations by