MB Headquarters Raided and Activists and Journalists Arrested

Day eleven of Egypt’s uprising has witnessed local and foreign journalists, NGO employees, protesters and social workers subjected to a crackdown by plainclothes and uniformed policemen, armed thugs, and pro-Mubarak

Should the West Fear or Celebrate Egypt’s Uprising?

For the past ten days Egypt has experienced fear of autocracy, euphoria and fear of chaos. Starting off relatively small, the protests started with a few thousand people on January

Muslims and Christians United in the Battle for Tahrir Square

Egyptians from all religions and walks of life are again taking to the streets demanding that Mubarak steps down.

MB chairman: The people no longer trusts the regime

In a statement, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie asserted that it was significant that Mubarak resign immediately if there was to be any constructive dialogue with the Muslim

MB: We have no intentions of nominating members for presidency or interim gov’t

The Muslim Brotherhood has stated in its recent statement that it does not and will not accept any efforts of intimidation against any Egyptians.

Crackdown on a number of Human Rights associations and disappearance of Egyptian, American and Algerian

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and the Egyptian Association for the Advancement of community participation Announcing its their deep concern for the lives and safety of “Ahmed Seif

Egypt – The Time Has Come

The current uprising in Egypt is a massive popular democratic revolution, with broad support from virtually every sector of Egyptian society.

Egypt – Where to Now?

The White House is negotiating with officials surrounding the Egyptian president concerning the plan to install a transitional government run by Suleiman, and supported by the Egyptian military.

Amnesty International calls for immediate release of workers

Salil Shetty Secretary General of Amnesty International called for the immediate and safe release of his colleagues and others with them.