Human Rights Group Express Deep Concern on Violence Against Citizens

The undersigned human rights organizations expressed deep concern and condemnation of the vicious attacks on Egyptian civil society organizations, since the uprising of January 25th , calling for democracy.

Ikhwanweb: Egypt’s Revolution Is a People’s Revolution with No Islamic Agenda

Ikhwanweb, the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website editor in chief Khaled Hamza has stated that the current uprising in Egypt is a revolution of the Egyptian people and is by

Egypt Revolution – Faith or Economics?

Western analysts and media outlets are deciding whether Egypt 's uprising is a secular demand for democracy, which they would support, or a religious revolution that they believe should be

MB: Open to Dialogue As Long as It Respects the Masses Demands

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie has stated that January 25th, Day of Rage protests has stuck an incredible sense of pride among Egyptians as the world witnessed Egyptians