Clarifying the Muslim Brotherhood

As Mubarak's regime starts to topple, there is speculation whether the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the new Egyptian political landscape. It will undoubtedly play a role in creating a new

Egyptian Nobel Laureate Zewail Presents 5-Point Initiative on Egypt’s Crisis

In an interview with the Middle East News Agency (MENA) in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Feb 7, Egyptian Nobel prize winner, Ahmed Zewail, denied the possibility of running as a presidential

MB Statement on the Dialogue between Youth, Political and National Forces with Egypt’s Vice-President

Further to the statement issued yesterday in which we explained our position with regards to the principle, context, form and subject of the protests, we are committed to public opinion

Egypt Government Talks to Opposition

Egypt's vice president spoke with many opposition factions, including the officially banned Muslim Brotherhood.

MB: We Will Continue in Dialogue Only if People’s Demands Are Respected

In a statement by the Muslim Brotherhood members who attended the meeting with Egypt’s political opposition and Vice President Omar Suleiman the MB asserted they have not and will not

Obama: The Time For Change is Now

A recent interview on Fox news with US President Barack Obama stated he was confident that an orderly political transition in Egypt would produce a government that will remain a

Opposition Forces Remain Sceptical after Meeting with VP Suleiman

Following an unprecedented effort at dialogue with Egypt's newly appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman opposition groups claim government proposals on how to end the political crisis are not enough.